Five Tricks You Need to Learn in Online 3 Pictures Game

3 Pictures online casino games have started to gain popularity. Some of you might be confused upon hearing the name. The game is also known as Three Card Baccarat. Before you try your luck, however, it is better for you to read the five tricks you need to learn in online 3 Pictures game!

Five Tricks You Need to Learn in Online 3 Pictures Game
Five Tricks You Need to Learn in Online 3 Pictures Game

Five Tricks You Need to Learn in Online 3 Pictures Game

  • Know the Cards’ Values

In the 3 Pictures game, you have to beat the dealer. In order to do that, you must understand the value of each card. First, all face cards and tens are worth zero. Aces’ value is one. The values of the rest of the cards depend on the number of pips. Therefore, 10-3-6 equals to 5-3-A.

  • Understand and Exploit the Rules

The game only uses a single 52-card deck. If you are a card counter, perhaps you can make use of the information. The aim is to bet on the hand possessing the highest points after three cards have been dealt. If both hands have the same points, the one which has more face cards will win the game. Thus, predicting which hands having more face card is highly important.

Therefore, if you play the live version, you need to consider learning how to count cards. This is the only method that allows you to boost your winning chance significantly. However, you cannot use the method in the usual online version due to the fact that the deck is shuffled after each hand.

  • Placing Your Bet Correctly

The safest bet in this game is the main bet, which is the player bet. Online 3 Pictures game offers even money payout for winning the player bet. This bet’s house edge is 2.41% which is the lowest among all other bets. However, players must pay the 5% commission charge.

The following bet is quite risky, but it is safer than the rest. Betting on the dealer’s total points offers various house edges. The best one is 2.91%. The others are 9.92% and 11.87%. The payout of eight to one is quite mouth-watering. Yet, since there are 10 available bets, you have to be very careful.

  • Never Ever Place a Bet on Tie Bet

You should never be tempted to place a wager on the tie bet. Since the probability is very small (approximately 3.77%), the house edge reaches 20.80%. Another thing that you must consider is that the tie bet requires not only the same points but also the same numbers of face card. Can you manage that? If you can’t, do not try to get its 20 to one payout.

Placing a bet on Three Faces bet is even more dangerous. It offers 16 to one payout for players, however, the probability of winning is only 1%. The bet’s house edge reaches 83.08%. It is definitely not worth trying.

  • Choose This Kind of Online Casino

The casino using Gameplay Casino software will boost your winning chance. It only takes 3% of commission charge in the player bet lowering the house edge to 1.44%. In addition, it increases the payout of the Three Faces bet to 96 to one which also cut the house edge to only 3.44%

Online 3 Pictures game will give you excitement and thrill that you seek in online casinos. Thus, you can enjoy playing the game as you gain steady profits. Although the rules are tricky, it is possible for you to maximize your winning chance by using five tricks you need to learn in online 3 Pictures game